Oferta de empleo condiciones(PDF Español Árabe)
Basic lnformation on the Position
• Job Title:
General Manager of the Diplomatic Club.
• Administrative and financial reference:
The Diplomatic Club board of directors.
• Responsible authority:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Govemment of Sultanate of Oman.
• Monthly salary:
Two thousand and seven hundred Omani Rials (2700 OMR)
Eguivalent to seven thousand US Dollars ($7000).
• Working times:
- From 9:00 am to 10:00 pm.
- Rest break from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.
- Timings vary according to work requirements.
• Accommodation:
A choice between free accommodation on prem1ses or outside at ones' own expenses.
• Transportation:
A vehicle will be assigned for official use only.
• Taxes:
The given salary is tax free.
• Additional benefits:
- Annual economy class air ticket.
- Medica} coverage at Public hospitals.
• Period of contract:
Two years, renewable upon agreement of both parties.

Job Description
1- Supervise the Club and its day-to-day functioning and activities.
2- Supervise the work perfonnance of ali staff and workers of the Club and encourage them to exert more effort, in a friendly environment.
3- Ensure good service delivery, quality assurance and safeguard of the contents and facilities of the Club.
4- Ensure the application of the Club's safety rules and regulations and suggest ways of developing them according to the requirements of work and public interest.
5- Ensure the implementation of contracts and agreements relating to the Club concluded with other entities for the best interest of the Club.
6- Monitor the Club records and registry pertaining to attendance, inventory, revenues and expenditures.
7- Prepare periodic reports on the work of the Club including rotation register in all Club facilities and monthly accounts records to be presented to the Board of Directors.
8- Propase and present the annual budget of the Club to the Chairman to the Board of Directors.
9- Submit proposals that will develop the Club facilities,Programs of periodic activities and events including a marketing plan to increase revenues.
10- Prepare periodic evaluation reports for ali the Club's staff and propose recommendation for every employee.

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Horario de abertura de la Embajada 
De lunes a viernes de 09:00 a 15:00 horas.
Horario Consulado
De lunes a viernes de 09:30 a 13:30 horas
Sábados y Domigos cerrado,festivo según calendario laboral Madrid
Embajada del Sultanato de Omán en Madrid
Avenida Cardenal Herrera Oria,138
28034 Madrid
Teléfono: 917364445
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